Who are the Suitable Candidates for Robotic Prosthetic Surgery?

Robotic Prosthetic Surgery (MAKOPLASTY) is performed on all patients who have severely worn-out hip and knee joints due to calcification (osteoarthritis).

In addition, patients with hip calcification due to hip dislocation or avascular necrosis of the femoral head, especially those who do not respond to non-surgical treatment procedures, are ideal candidates for robotic surgery. Patients with knee joint calcification due to rheumatological diseases and fractures are candidates for robotic knee replacement surgery, as well.

Another patient group consists of those with congenital or acquired (fractures, etc) bone curvatures which are likely to cause problems in placing the implant parts in the ideal positions during manual implant surgery. It can be very difficult to place an implant manually in these patients, by taking into account bone curvatures outside the joint. Therefore, robotic surgery can be very useful in making correct bone incisions by taking into account bone curvatures.